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【Newsletter x Homepage Project】We interviewed the management team menbers! ~Person 1 Sales Director, Mr.Matsumoto NO.2~


――Let us ask the next question. What do you think “Sales” are for you now?

 Matsumoto: I regard sales as “Manufacturing.” Assuming that product completion = ordering, I think that is the kind of sales situation that involves actions and plans for receiving orders with blueprints. The process up to the order is fun. So, I hope everyone will enjoy it.

――What are your thoughts on “Toyo’s sales” in particular?

 Matsumoto: I think Toyo’s business can help to change the construction industry, including the rebar industry.

In Japan, the growth of the industry leads to the growth of customers, and conversely, if the customers grow, the industry will also develop. And I think Toyo’s business is involved in that development. Our business is to make profits not only for us but also for our customers.

――How about overseas markets?

Matsumoto: Although there are many countries where the rebar fabrication business has not yet been established, I think that by taking action, we can create high-quality buildings using high-quality rebar. I think we can do more things overseas on zero bases.

――I see. There may not be such a large-scale sales job in other industries. That’s why It’s very attractive that Toyo’s sales are directly involved in the development of customers.

Matsumoto: Even if my position changes, I want to do what I can do for the industry through sales.

――Thank you. The next question is what is the ideal image of “Toyo’s salesperson” five years from now?

Matsumoto: I think that the sales style is the process that utilizes IT, and it will become the mainstream in the world five years from now. Therefore, I would like Toyo’s salesperson to work close to each customer.

After all, there are some skills that can only be cultivated in the fieldwork, and the customer’s thoughts are in the field or in their workplace. I want every salesperson to be a person who sees the sites, notices opportunities, and thinks about the growth of the customers.

I want them to become a “sought after” salesperson with whom many customers want to consult.

 ――Thank you for sharing your stories!

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