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Please discuss with us anything about rebar processing and
engineering works from manufacture and sales of the rebar processing
machines up to proposal of improving productivity and sales of the
related equipment and facilities.

Priding ourselves on the trust and achievement by
"Dedicating ourselves to rebar for over 60 years".
we will extend consistent support and respond to your request.

Development, manufacturing and sales of rebar processing machines

We are ready to respond to your request of every scene such as cutting rebars, bending shapes, etc. based on our trust and achievement of more than over 60 years engaged in rebar processing machines.

Proposal of rebar processing line system, etc.

We will make a consistent proposal from consultation/request of existing or new plant facilities up to planning/setup/follow-up after installation of a plant production line. We will realize productivity improvement of the plant with our sure support system.

IT system proposal business

It is an essential task to make full use of IT in the rebar production in order to improve productivity. We are also engaged in the proposal of the total system to unify the management and proceed effectively with the rebar quantity survey, material delivery, processing, shipment of the finished products.

Development of the processing machines for the industries of concrete secondary products and housing

Taking advantage of the expertise accumulated for years we are developing highly versatile machines suitable for the industries of concrete secondary products and housing. We will also respond quickly to the new processing requirement.

Global trade business

We are offering carefully planned and meticulously executed services to the South East Asia and other world marketplaces as well through established network with the distributors of each area.

Sales of the related equipment to reinforcement work

Any questions about rebar processing, please leave everything to us. You can procure the related facilities and equipment from us. We have all kinds of products relating to rebar processing such as portable rebar processing tools, work tables, carrier devices, cranes, other tools, etc.

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