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We provide comprehensive customer service and most suitable
solution to our valued customers based on your needs.


Consulting for setting up new rebar processing factory

We create new factory plan as customers request such as factory size, layout of machines with what kind of models based on your targeting production amount. Also, we can advise you how to run a factory to maximize your capacity.


Starting up machines

Technical engineers from TOYO, Japan come to your place for installation and train you for operation and maintenance of machines

Proposal for improving your production amount

We provide you our solution to improve production amount of your existing factory by observing layout of machines and/or work flow with listening to your issues.

After-Sales Service

Repairing parts and/or fixing machines

Technical engineers from TOYO, Japan come to your place for serious trouble of machines. Also, our agents keep basic spare parts locally and support you for the rest of trouble. Our agents are available in the countries as below.


Genuine Parts

Some of our parts are designed and made on our own and some are purshased from our suppliers under QC control. We recommend you use genuine Toyo parts while using Toyo machines. By fitting Toyo genuine parts you will prolong the life of your machines, and ensure they performs as efficiently as possible – saving you running costs and unnecessary breakdown costs.

Fitting incorrect parts could harm the functionality and the performance of the machines – it will also affect the warranty of our product.

For spare parts information, please contact us directly to discuss your needs further.

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