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AUG. 1933 Started ironworks at the current location of head office
MAR. 1950 Started production and sales of rebar cutter, rebar bender under the name of Hinode Ironworks
JUL. 1959 Established Toyo Kensetsu Kohki Co., Ltd. with capital of J.Yen ¥2,000,000.-
JUN. 1960 Started Fukuoka factory
OCT. 1961 Started Tokyo factory
APR. 1962 Developed and launched rebar bender of bending roller type, which gained great popularity
DEC. 1962 Started Sendai factory
DEC. 1967 Started Torikai factory
JUN. 1969 Opened Nagoya sales office
FEB. 1970 Drew investment from Small and Medium Enterprise Investment & Promotion Co.
FEB. 1971 Opened Hiroshima sales office
APR. 1971 Established the first overseas distributor in Singapore (current overseas distributors in more than 20 countries)
MAR. 1974 Increased capital to J.Yen ¥100,000,000.-by investment from Small and Medium Enterprise Investment & Promotion Co.
OCT. 1974 Developed automatic rebar cutting machine
FEB. 1975 Developed the world first Spiral Hoop machine
APR. 1980 Developed automatic rebar bending machine
APR. 1982 Developed Line system for rebar processing
APR. 1985 Started Hino factory
JUN. 1992 Developed automatic bending machine for coiled material
SEP. 1998 Acquired certification of ISO9002 of quality management system standard
APR. 2000 Acquired certification of ISO9001 of quality system standard covering all the factories and sales offices
AUG. 2000 Developed automatic rebar cutting and bending machine model TBC-16RB
JAN. 2001 Completed line-up of A type models (NC control) of automatic rebar cutting machines and automatic rebar bending machines
JAN. 2003 Authorized Toyo Korea Co., Ltd., to produce rebar cutter C-33 and rebar bender B-25
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