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We have a history dating back to the year 1933 as “Hinode Iron Works.” The first products (rebar cutting and bending machines) were launched in the market in 1950”. In the history of over 60 years since the establishment as Toyo Kensetsu Kohki Co., Ltd. in 1958, almost all rebars used for reinforced concrete structures in Japan have been cut and bent by our machines. We also have been involved in the construction of nearly 2,000 rebar processing plants in Japan, including the first processing plant in Japan. We have grown and expanded our business worldwide since 1972.

Japan is a country with many earthquakes and has the toughest standards in the world regarding construction. We have continued to provide products that can be processed to meet these strict criteria while closely interacting with various steel related companies, such as steel manufacturers in Japan, steel trading companies, general contractors and concrete products manufacturers. We believe that these various experiences can contribute to the development of rebar processing machinery.

Here are some advantages about TOYO machines

Highly efficient,
low-cost manufacturing

Well-established types of products
for various materials

Stable and accurate
finished products (cut/bend)

Loyalty to our esteemed customers

One of our company’s strengths is loyal attitude to our esteemed customers.
This strength could lead us to new product development and premium quality & service:

Leadership No. 1
market share
In Japan
Strong Sales
force & After-sales
service team work
  • Leadership in product development
  • Largest market share
  • Trusting relationships with customers
    in the construction industry
  • Sales Forces & After-sales Service team backed
    up by experience & technical solution
Keep up with
market trends
knowledge of
oversea market
  • Trading experience in international
    business since 1972
  • Keep up with market trends in order to make
    customers products/services more desirable
  • Comprehensive knowledge of oversea markets,
    creating new prospects
  • New Business development possibilities with TOYO


We have shipped/delivered machines to rebar processing sites/plants in South Korea, Taiwan and China, as well as countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia… We are able to provide not only machinery but also various know-how on rebar processing including experiences in these countries:

Keep up with
current trends
Fast delivery
of products and
spare parts
Give useful
Give feedback
to headquarter
Support from
local agents

Keep up with current trends

Keep up with trends on rebar processing in Japan and other countries, especially South East Asia.

Give useful advice

We give advice on setting up factory plans or on raising productivity on your current factory based on your budget and target work amount.

Fast delivery of products and spare parts

We deliver high quality products made in Japan, including genuine spare parts as fast as possible.

Support from local agents

Maintenance after delivery to be done continuously through our local agents.

Give feedback to headquarter

Give feedback to headquarter in order to produce more desirable products and services.

Innovation and technology have transformed us into a leading rebar processing machines maker, with sustainable and constant drive for innovation. Our machines are the most effective way to support the reinforcement for concrete structures in your projects.

Please contact our partners or us if you need our suitable proposal for your processing plans.

Thank you very much.

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