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【Newsletter x Homepage Project】We interviewed the management team menbers! ~General Manager, Production Division Part 1. Mr.Ishibashi~


As a special project for our newsletter magazine, we conducted an interview with our management team.

We will present an interview with Mr. Ishibashi, General Manager of the Production Division, in two parts, this time and next.

The full text is available on our website, so please access and read it!


―Thank you very much for taking your time, Ishibashi-san. We would like to learn about your thoughts mainly on manufacturing.

Ishibashi: My pleasure. Let’s get it started.

――First, what news or trends in manufacturing are you particularly interested in right now?

Ishibashi: I think all manufacturers are the same, but DX and smart factories. We still see the shortage of human resources due to the declining birthrate and aging population as the biggest problem, and we believe that efforts to improve this situation are necessary.

――What kind of factory do you envision when it comes to introducing DX and smart factories to our company’s production plants?

Ishibashi: For example, we would like to install a Gantt chart (progress chart) monitor in the factory and make it visible. Most major companies have already done this, but…However, if we only go ahead with the software, it will be a waste of valuable resources, so I feel that we need to create a system and introduce the software at the same time. It is important to combine this with improvements in practical operations.

――I think “improvement” is an important part of manufacturing, as you mentioned earlier. What are the key points of improvement in production that you think?

Ishibashi: After all, safety is the first requirement for a production department. The key is to ensure safety and then consider quality and productivity improvement.

――Thank you very much. Now for the next question. What does “Monozukuri” mean to you?

Ishibashi: It is about people’s development. No matter how many unmanned or production efficiency-enhancing systems are introduced, the “people” who work on them are still important. Progress is deeply related to the ability of each person to take action. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify positions and roles in order to achieve the objectives.

――In what specific situations do you think “people” are tested?

Ishibashi: For example, if a person ends a request for a delivery date with “it’s impossible,” that’s the end of the matter. However, I believe that the test of a person is whether or not he or she is willing to dig deep and pursue ways to improve the situation, rather than just saying that it is impossible. It pains me to say that at present we are unable to meet many of our customers’ requests…

――It means that if people are not nurtured, good manufacturing cannot be done.

Ishibashi: Yes, that’s right. Especially since we are a manufacturer, the ability of “people” is very important when creating new products. Therefore, it is essential for us to pass on our technology and attitude to the next generation. I believe that we should be challengers to make the impossible possible in terms of function, performance, quality, and cost.

――I see. Even as the trend toward unmanned operations progresses, people will still be important at the end of the day.


To be continued next month…

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