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Cloud Service for Rebar Fabrication : T-LINKS-V


■What is T-LINKS-V?

With this new cloud service, end-users are able to see the processing data

by each machine and actively take actions based on the data for your business management. If you are interested, please take a look at the PDF attached below for the details!



Shipping schedule of machines with T-LINKS-V spec

T-LINKS-V spec machines have its「V」at the end of each model. As of today, the shipping schedule forecast for the model change is as below.

TBS-25-NC4RV: from Apr. 2021.

TRB-10-5ⅡV: from Jun. 2021

TBS-13-6NCV: from July. 2021

Request for the catalogs : https://toyoksk.e-manager.jp/

For other models, we will keep you updated according to the production schedule.  Thank you for your understanding in advance!

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